Fines for overdue loans

Temporary changes to borrowing rules

[Updated 2 July 2021] We have temporarily adjusted our borrowing rules due to the Queensland Government lockdown of the Brisbane area.

We have temporarily suspended library fines. We encourage you to hold on to your current loans for now and not return them while access to UQ campuses is restricted. 

See how to pay a fine.

Loan category Overdue fine Replacement charge for lost item
General, including Semester None

Issued 14 days after due date

$145 replacement charge*

3 day & 7 day $4 per day

Issued 14 days after due date

$145 replacement charge*

2 hour, end of day & 24 hour

$2 per hour, or part thereof

Issued 14 days after due date

$145 replacement charge*

* When an item is 14 days overdue, it is considered to be lost and the replacement charge is applied automatically. The replacement charge of $145 includes a $20 administration fee that is payable even if you return the item and have the charge for the item ($125 unless otherwise specified) waived.

Fines are totalled and added to your account when you return an item.

Fines for very overdue items

We take the non-return of library items seriously and academic sanctions do apply. You may be prevented from re-enrolling in UQ courses if within 14 days of receiving the replacement charge for a lost item:

  • you fail to return an item to the library OR
  • you fail to pay the replacement charge

UQ Library reserves the right to take further action if you leave the University with Library property.

Dispute overdue fines/extenuating circumstances

Email to dispute a fine or explain extenuating circumstances.

Dispute a fine

  • Contact us within 14 days of receiving the replacement charge for a lost item
  • Provide a valid explanation as to why library items have not been returned or renewed by the due date

Extenuating circumstances

We will listen sympathetically.

  • Contact us as soon as possible if you have lost or damaged items
  • You may incur a replacement charge for lost or damaged items 
  • If a replacement charge is paid for a lost item and the item is subsequently returned, refunds will not be given after 28 days

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