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  • All records in Library Search excluding newspaper articles and reviews
  • These filter selections will be retained for your session, unless you choose to remove them
  • By default, Library Search also excludes resources which are not available online, but you can choose to show these after searching, by selecting the checkbox to Include results not available online (What's this?)


  • Limits to books, in physical form and available online
  • Does not include book chapters

Journal articles

  • Limits to journal and magazine articles
  • Does not include newspaper articles

Video and audio

  • Video including streaming video, DVDs and older video formats
  • Audio including streaming audio, streaming music, CDs and older audio formats


  • Finds your search term in the title of journals, magazines or newspapers
  • Does not find articles within journals, magazines or newspapers


  • Jump straight to a specific database by searching a title
  • Browse databases in a subject area

Physical items

  • Limits to physical items from any UQ Library location including the warehouse
  • Includes print format books, journals, theses, music scores, maps, DVDs, etc

Past exam papers

  • PDFs of the original exam papers, with questions only (not answers)
  • Search by course code only, e.g. MATH or MATH1040
  • More about past exam papers

Course reading lists