From the homepage, you can target your search to the type of content you need. The options are:


  • All records in Library Search excluding newspaper articles and reviews
  • By default, Library Search also excludes articles with no full text online


Limits to Books, eBooks, book chapters.

Journal articles:

  • Limits to journal and magazine articles, primarily those with full text online
  • Does not include newspaper articles

Video and audio:

  • Video including streaming video, DVDs and older video formats
  • Audio including streaming audio, streaming music, CDs and older audio formats


  • Finds your search term in the title of journals, magazines or newspapers
  • Does not find articles within journals, magazines or newspapers


  • Jump straight to a specific database by searching a title
  • Browse databases in a subject area by typing a subject

Physical items:

  • Limits to physical items from any UQ Library location including the warehouse
  • Includes print format books, journals, theses, music scores, maps, etc
  • Includes DVDs, CDs and other physical media formats

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