Make the most of the study spaces available at the Library. Study any time in a 24/7 space, work in a group, or study quietly in an individual space. Most spaces are freely available and do not require a booking. Students can also book an individual or group room, or study pod (individual desk). 

Library spaces and bookable study areas can be very busy. We want you to feel comfortable and at home. We also ask that you share the spaces and be considerate of your fellow students and library users. 

Find the right space

Check our locations to browse study spaces. 

  • Group areas are located on lower floors.
  • Quiet spaces are located on the upper floors. 
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Use the spaces, share the facilities

Pick a space with the facilities you want to use. If you are not using the library computer or device dock, please pick another space and allow another student to use the facilities. 

Taking a break? Please take your things with you. Library computers log out automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity so that other students can log in. 

Read more about using computers in the Library and the software available on the computers.


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Book a room or study pod

UQ students can book a room or study pod (individual semi-enclosed desk) online. As bookable spaces are limited, booking rules encourage sharing.

Booking rules 

  • 3 hours maximum per booking 
  • Limit of 3 bookings per calendar week (Monday-Sunday) 
  • Book up to 7 days in advance 

You cannot make bookings for a date that has passed or is more than 7 days in advance. 

Remember to: 

  • arrive on time and vacate the space 5 minutes before the end of your booking 
  • keep noise to a minimum - rooms are not soundproof 
  • cancel any booking you no longer require. 

Locate your booked space

The spaces have names such as 12-N115-02 Central Library for a study pod or 01-W437 Law Library for a room. 

  • 12 - building number twelve 
  • N115 - room number N115. The first digit is the floor number (level 1) 
  • 02 - study pod number
  • Central Library - the library name 

Use UQ Maps to find the room.

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Food and drink

Eating and drinking

You may eat cold food and have drinks with lids in most library spaces. Please remove any rubbish to help keep the spaces tidy. 

Eat hot foot in library kitchens or outside only. This helps reduce food smells in study spaces that affect other people.

View the complete  Food and Drink Policy (PDF, 46 KB)

Library kitchens

Some spaces have kitchens available for your use with a fridge, microwave, and hot and cold water. We routinely clean out the fridges. Please see the signage in the kitchen for details. Help us keep the spaces tidy by:

  • Not keeping food in the fridges overnight
  • Tidying your area when you are finished in the kitchen.

Please contact us if our spaces require cleaning or maintenance and to report food and drink spills.


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Look after yourself and your belongings

Keep your items safe to prevent them from being lost or stolen. 

  • Taking a break or leaving the library? Take your belongings with you.  
  • Feeling tired? Head home and take a break. 

Find out how to recover lost or stolen property

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