Booking a room? Respect others using the space.

You can book a room online:

  • 3 hours maximum per booking
  • limit of 3 bookings per calendar week (Monday-Sunday)
  • up to 7 days in advance

You cannot make bookings for a date that has passed, is more than 7 days in advance or that are reserved for certain client groups. 

Remember to:

  • arrive on time and vacate the space 5 minutes before the end of your booking
  • keep noise to a minimum - rooms are not soundproof!
  • cancel any booking you no longer require

Locate the room

Rooms have a name like 01-W437 Law Library. The name is made up of the UQ room number and library name, so you know where the room is:

  • 01 = Building #1
  • W437 = Room number. The first digit is the floor number e.g. this room is on the fourth floor
  • Law Library = the Library the room is in the Law Library

See our location pages for floor plans that include bookable rooms.

It’s a busy place: Share the computers

  • If you’re not using the library computer, let another student use it
  • Taking a break? Take your things with you
  • Library computers time-out after 15 minutes of inactivity so that other students can log in
  • View more information on using the library computers including available software

Some food and drink is OK

You may eat and drink in most library spaces – but cold food and drinks with lids only, please!

View the complete Food and Drink Policy (PDF, 5.6 MB).

Studying with others or by yourself? Find the right space.

We have purpose-built group and individual areas in our locations so that you can work with other students or study quietly by yourself.

  • Group areas are located on lower floors.
  • Quiet spaces are located on upper floors.

Look after yourself and your belongings

Leaving the library? Don't leave your belongings. Thieves target unattended property (if you fall asleep your belongings can be a target too). Find out how to recover lost or stolen property.