Using the reading room

The FW Robinson Reading Room is a space for researchers and visitors to use the special collections held in the Fryer Library and quiet study space for UQ students.

The following rules help us preserve these collections and apply to everyone using the Reading Room.

The Reading Room is a comfortable place to read and use Fryer collections as they cannot be removed from the Fryer Library.

Reading room rules

The Reading Room is for quiet research and study only, please mute your mobile devices.

  • Use pencils for writing only. 
  • Stow your bag in the storage provided.
  • No food or drink, including bottled water.

Quiet individual study

  • Place your bag in the rack outside, bring your valuables inside.
  • Use one of the tables reserved for study.

Research using Fryer collections

Remember to plan your visit to Fryer. Requested items can take up to 5 business days to arrive.

Chat to our staff at the service point as you arrive. We will retrieve your pre-ordered material while you:

  • Place your bag in one of the lockers provided.
  • Get situated at a table reserved for research.

Handing special collections

Fryer items may be fragile, rare or unique. Rules for handling materials are critical to their preservation:

  • Wash and dry your hands before handling items. Ensure they are free of hand lotion and moisturiser. 
  • Handle items with care and ensure they're properly supported. We will provide book supports, page weights and gloves as needed and guidance for handling fragile items.
  • Retain the original order of items in folders and boxes. Use the listing provided to retain the item order. This ensures items can be located with minimum handling.
  • Request a paper flag to bookmark items. Do not use any other objects as bookmarks including pencils or post-it notes.

We take these rules as seriously as you do. Please bring any item damage or deterioration you notice to our attention. This helps us act to preserve collections in need sooner. 

Copying special collections 

  • You can use non-flash photography to make copies of published material for research and study purposes in compliance with the Australian Copyright Act (1968). 
  • Request copyright clearance for unpublished (manuscript) material using our online form.