Fryer Library copy requests suspended until further notice

From 26 March, copy requests for all Fryer Library items will be suspended until further notice for the health and safety of our clients. See temporary changes to library hours and services for more information.

If you would like to copy any Fryer material, please ask a library staff member at the Fryer desk. Fryer Librarians can assist to ensure that copies do not damage fragile items, infringe donor or copyright restrictions. There are three ways to obtain copies:

Copying Service

Fryer library offers a copying service for material which is unique, requires copyright clearance, or is too fragile to photocopy. If you would like copies of unpublished or manuscript material, please complete and submit the copy request form below. Completed copy requests can be handed to staff at the desk or emailed to

Wherever possible, after your request has been submitted, Fryer librarians will assist you to secure copyright permission and copy material in a preservation safe manner. If you would like us to digitise materials on your behalf, please consult our schedule of charges.

Request copies of Fryer Library manuscript material

Obtaining copyright permission

Fryer library very rarely holds copyright for collection materials. Obtaining copyright permission can be time-consuming. Where Fryer librarians undertake this process, please allow at least ten days for supplying your request and inform us of any key deadlines. Clients may also obtain copyright permission themselves. In this case,  Fryer must receive written proof of copyright permission before we can supply a copy of the item.

Sometimes, unfortunately, donor restrictions or an inability to contact the copyright holder can result in us being unable to fulfil your request.

To find out more about copyright and permissions in Australia, visit the Australian Copyright Council website.  

Copying costs

We will provide an itemised quote for the cost of the digitisation.

Type of material Cost
UQ Library materials

$20.00 plus:

  • $1 per page/scan
  • $20.00 per audiovisual item or published book
Non-Library materials
(For UQ research, teaching and learning only)*
By consultation

* We may suggest alternative digitisation providers if we cannot fulfil your request.


When your request is ready, Fryer staff will contact you with final online payment information.

Non-flash photography

Please check with Fryer staff to see if you can make copies with a digital camera (without flash).

Please observe all copyright guidelines. In particular, for manuscript and unpublished material, please ensure that you have copyright permission and have completed the copyright declaration on the copy request form.


You may photocopy published material, which is not fragile, according to current copyright guidelines. Please check with Fryer staff to ensure that your material meets the criteria. For example, fragile items such as rare books or pre-1920 publications are not able to be photocopied, for preservation purposes.