Learning resources and course reading lists

Provide your students with access to their learning resources and reading lists. Publish and update your course reading lists. Enhance your students' learning by applying best practice in selecting resources and updating your lists.

Upcoming changes in 2023

UQ is migrating course profiles from ECPS to Jac in 2023. Learn what you can do in Semester 1, 2023 to prepare for this change.

Process for Semester 1 course reading lists

Confirm your course readings

Confirm your learning resources in the Electronic Profile System (ECPS) at least eight weeks before the start of the semester.

 Publish your course reading lists

Publish and update your course reading lists using Talis Aspire. Our course reading list system makes it easy for you to update and organise your list. Once published, your students can access your reading list in Learn.UQ (Blackboard) in the Learning Resources section of your course site and via Library Search.

 Select the best learning resources

Select the best learning resources for your course and avoid access issues that can affect your students.

There are some key issues to consider when selecting learning resources including accessibilityequal accessdiverse perspectivesdifferent formats and copyright.

 Apply best practice

Get tips on best practice for your reading lists.

When submitting or updating reading lists for your courses, you can improve your student's experience and enhance their learning by applying best practice.


Contact the Librarian Team

Contact the Librarian Team for assistance building your reading lists or selecting the best resources.


Learning Resources

Email learningresources@library.uq.edu.au for any assistance with your reading lists.