Prepare early

  • Access your course reading lists to see the resources for the courses you are enrolled in.
  • Access past exam papers made available for many courses.
  • Use Library Search to identify other relevant texts and articles. Information Essentials has strategies to help you improve your search.
  • Take notes from these resources, print or download important chapters and articles and save them in a folder for quick access.
  • Read these exam tips from Student Support.
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Prepare for open book exams

Be aware of possible access limitations on eBooks and other Library resources.

Number of users

Check the number of users who can access an eBook, database or other Library resource at the same time. If the number of users isn’t unlimited then you may not be able to access the resource during your exam, as others will need to access it at the same time.

Click Show License on the Library Search detailed search result to see the Concurrent User information that will show Unlimited or the user limit number.

The License terms on a Library Search record show concurrent user information. For this resource it is unlimited.
This License terms show the concurrent users are limited to 15 for this resource.

eBook downloads

From the Library Search result, go to the eBook on the provider's website to check:

  1. How many pages you can download or print from an eBook
  2. Whether downloads will expire.
Availability information shows access information including Read Online, Download Book and Download PDF Chapter up to 57 pages, does not expire.
The Availability information will show the access available to an eBook.

Learn more about using eBooks.

Other issues

Access to electronic Library resources is generally reliable, but technical issues can occur. Contact AskUs if you have trouble accessing a resource.

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Exam adjustments

When discussing exam adjustments with your Diversity, Disability and Inclusion Adviser, check that you have considered access to eBooks.

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