Search strategy

Finding relevant information

Your liaison librarian can help you find information relevant to your research by providing assistance with where and how to search, as well as advanced searching methods that you can use.

Search techniques

Where and how to search

Techniques for comprehensive searching

Literature reviews

The Library's literature reviews guide contains information on how to formulate a search strategy, store and organise the literature, and evaluate and critique what you find. Your liaison librarian can step you though doing a literature review and either the UQ Graduate School or Student Services offer support for writing one.

Literature reviews guide

Graduate School sessions on literature reviews

Tips from Student Services

Systematic reviews

The Library's systematic reviews guide contains information on how to properly frame a question, formulate a search strategy, assess the quality of the studies, and synthesise and analyse the findings. Your liaison librarian can also help you through the steps of producing a systematic review.

Systematic reviews guide

Using NVivo in systematic reviews

Data management

Data management overview

Research data is fundamental to the academic endeavour at UQ. Good stewardship of research data is a prerequisite to reproducibility of research outcomes and to maintaining the integrity of research results. It is also important to ensure that research data is managed according to legal, statutory, ethical and funding body requirements.

Research data management guide


Data management basics

Effective research data management is essential for the responsible conduct of research. The research data management guide covers planning, collecting, organising, managing, storing, securing, backing up, preserving, and sharing your data.

Develop your data skills

UQ Research Data Manager

With UQ RDM, you can request 1 terabyte of data storage per research project. This data storage is project-based, allowing easy collaboration between researchers, within UQ or other Australian research institutions.

UQ Research Data Manager

UQ Research Data Manager guide



Data analysis

Centre for Digital Scholarship tools

The Centre for Digital Scholarship provides access to multi-functional spaces, technology, and support. Experts are on hand to offer specialised training for a variety of tools that can help you analyse and present your data. Visit the Centre on Level 5 of Duhig Tower.

Centre for Digital Scholarship

Data analysis software

The Centre for Digital Scholarship offers a variety of tools including software for text analysis, data analysis, data visualisation, geographic information systems, media creation and editing, and 3D modelling. Attend a face-to-face training session for specialised support, or stop by between 10am and 1pm (Monday through Friday during the semester) to get advice from a software expert.

Centre for Digital Scholarship