Ongoing gives an overview of sharing and re-using your research data once your project is completed.

  • Before you start covers grant applications, the UQ Research Data Manager and ethics for research data management
  • During research looks at what you need to do to store and secure your research data during your project

4. Retention and curation

The UQ Research Data Management Policy requires that researchers retain research data in a durable, indexed and retrievable form, for at least as long as the relevant archives or records keeping acts, national codes or funding bodies require.

This ensures long term discoverability and access to the data. Appropriate curation ensures it can be re-used and reanalysed in the future. The UQ Research Data Manager system and the UQ eSpace repository are both able to preserve research data for the future. You can support the effective curation of data by choosing file formats that minimise digital obsolescence (usually open source) and providing appropriate metadata for your project's dataset.

How long should I keep my project's data?

Retention periods may be defined by the funding body, archives or record keeping Acts or UQ policy. Refer to the following documents for detailed information:

Not all research data is suitable to be retained, and the policies listed here will guide you on what data should be permanently destroyed.