Use research (or publication) metrics when applying for a grant or promotion. Measures include citation metrics, journal quality indicators, benchmarking, altmetrics and collaboration.

7. Online attention and altmetrics

You can track online attention to your research with altmetrics (also known as alternative metrics). Altmetrics can uncover the volume and nature of attention to your publications from sources including:

  • social media (likes, retweets, comments)
  • public policy documents
  • patent citations
  • news articles and mainstream media
  • blog posts
  • wikipedia.

Learn more about Altmetrics — includes guides, videos and recommended readings.

Find Altmetric Attention data

Altmetric Explorer

Altmetric Explorer for Insitutions shows the online activity surrounding your academic research.

Watch how to navigate and use Altmetric Explorer (YouTube playlist)

Altmetric Attention score donut
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UQ eSpace

  1. Search for your publications in UQ eSpace
  2. Click the number under the Altmetric Attention donut in the result
    • If there is no number, the article may not have Altmetric data
    • Only publications with a DOI have altmetric data

Altmetric Bookmarklet

Add an Altmetric Bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar to instantly get article altmetrics for any recent paper.

More ways to measure attention to publications


  • Free site where researchers can explore and share the online attention of their research
  • Requires an X (formerlyTwitter) or ORCID account

Plum Analytics

  • Plum metrics are available for articles indexed in the Scopus and CINAHL databases
  • look for the Plum Print widget

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Learn how to track and measure your own metrics with the Metrics for grant or promotion applications online tutorial.


  Next steps

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