Research requires the collection of thousands of pieces of data, produced in multiple forms, and collected and stored over years. That collection needs to be secure and accessible at every stage of the research process. During research, it is never too late or too early to address most aspects of research data management. However, it is best to plan for data management before starting your project to avoid problems later.

Before you start gives an overview of what you need to consider for managing your research data, even before starting your project. 

  • During research has the next steps for storing, securing and analysing your research data during the project
  • Ongoing looks at sharing and re-using your research data once your project is completed

1. Grant applications

Australian funding agencies

Australian funding agencies have guidelines and requirements relating to research data management. The Australian Research Council (ARC) and National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) require researchers to briefly address how they plan to manage or share their project's research data as part of a grant application.

You will need to address how you will:

  • plan your research data management
  • store and secure your project's data
  • disseminate and share your project's data
  • make your project's data available for re-use.

See ARC — Filling in the Data Management Section by the Australian Research Data Commons.

Use the UQ Research Data Manager to meet ARC and NHMRC requirements, retrieve storage provisioning for your project and document key elements of your data management plan.

International funding agencies 

Many of the key international funding agencies have very detailed requirements for research data management, with a strong emphasis on sharing and open data. To improve your chances of success you will need to prepare a research data management plan (See section 3 for more details).

See funding agency requirements for:

Use the UQ Research Data Manager to help you meet funder requirements. Along with provisioning your project with storage, the system allows you to share your project's data with collaborators.

The next section explains more about the UQ Research Data Manager.