Screen shot of the Impact Tracker platform.

Impact Tracker is a platform for researchers to plan, capture and report on the impact and engagement of their research. It provides a platform for research projects to collect evidence of impact and engagement: radio interviews, meetings, news articles, videos, photographs, reports, emails, tweets and more.

You can use Impact Tracker to import publications from eSpace, including non-traditional research outputs, and use the tool to record the ongoing engagement and impact of these works

Most researchers know that they need to track the impact of their research. UQ staff can now access Impact Tracker, a multi-function platform to simplify this process.

With Impact Tracker, researchers or members of research teams can now:

  • plan
  • capture impact and engagement evidence
  • import eSpace publications and non-traditional research outputs
  • report on impact

Sound good?
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Specific benefits for:

Individual Researchers: record and report evidence of impact and engagement to help you apply for grants and promotions in the future

Research Team Leaders: collect evidence of impact to your project and create reports for use in annual reports, marketing and communications, future grant applications.

Program Leads: track program-wide evidence and impact with internal and external collaborators to assist with preparation of annual reports, applications for future funding and develop marketing and communications.

Research Team members: contribute evidence of impact to your project, record project activities with stakeholders, develop impact narratives and report 

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