Your internet account

  • Currently enrolled students have access to wired and wireless internet and a monthly allocation of internet quota
  • Students under 18 require a parent or guardian to complete the Internet Access Permission for Under 18s form

Wired internet access

Sign in to the UQ Internet Management System (IMS) with your UQ username (e.g. s1234567) and password to get access to the Internet on a Library or faculty workstation.

Check your UQ internet quota

Click the Usage tab after logging in to check your remaining monthly quota. If you run out of quota your internet speed will be shaped. 

Note: Learn.UQ, your Student email and the Library website all require you to have internet access to function correctly. If you are having problems accessing content, ensure you have logged in to the Internet Management System.

Wireless internet access

UQ Students and Staff have different options for accessing wireless internet on campus.

UQ Wi-Fi

UQ Wi-Fi is the default wireless network for all University of Queensland campuses. Connect your device for UQ Wi-Fi on-campus wireless internet.

Eduroam wireless internet

Eduroam is a secure network deployed at numerous Universities and Research institutions worldwide. You may require a virtual private network in some locations such as the Toowoomba and Rockhampton hospitals. Configure your device for Eduroam wireless internet.

Contact us or visit a library service point for help configuring your device.

Visitor Access

UQ Visitor Internet access