Photocopying costs the same as printing. See pricing.

  1. Touch your UQ ID card or print/copy card to the card reader on the printer.
    • Log in with your username and password if you don't have your card.
  2. Place the original on the printer:
    • Loose pages can be put in the feed on the top of the device (face or first page up)
    • Book etc. can be placed face down on the photocopy glass
  3. Press the Copy button on the printer menu

Photocopy settings

Number of copies

  1. Click Number of Sets
  2. Enter the number of copies

Colour copying

  1. Click Colour
  2. Choose Auto Colour

Single and double sided copying

  1. Click Duplex/Combine
  2. Select options for the original and the copy, e.g.
    • 1 Sided > 1 Sided
    • 1 Sided > 2 Sided etc

Collect your copies

  1. Press the round Start button to release the copies
  2. Press the Log out button to finish.


Didn't find it here?

High quality and specialised scanning is available to visitors of the Fryer Library for self-service scanning of special collections items within the FW Robinson Reading Room only.