The University is part of the Tertiary Music Agreement, which allows for various uses of music across the University, for educational purposes, and for some University events.

About the agreement

The Tertiary Music Agreement permits the University to use music, in certain ways, without seeking separate licences or permissions each time, for rights controlled by: 

  • Australasian Performing Right Association Limited (APRA) 
  • Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (AMCOS) 
  • Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) 
  • Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA). 

There are two main rights that the Agreement covers, Performance Rights and Reproduction and Communication Rights.

The agreement does not permit staff and students to copy musical works for private, non-educational purposes, or to download music from internet sources.
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Performance rights

The University can perform APRA Works and PPCA Sound Recordings: 

  • For Educational Purposes.
  • At University Events (the Ticket Price must not exceed A$40).
  • In University Spaces, including retail spaces, dining spaces, student areas, administration areas, art spaces, health centres, childcare centres and fitness centres. 

    The business using the music must be a University Business (100% owned by the University or an Affiliated Institution) that provides facilities to Staff and Students. 
  • Play music for the benefit of employees (in staff rooms, staff tea rooms and at staff-only events such as Christmas parties). 
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Reproduce and communicate works 

The University can reproduce and communicate works in the following ways.

  • Play AMCOS works and ARIA sound recordings: 
    • For use in a course of instruction 
    • At University events. 
  • Make recordings of AMCOS works and ARIA sound recordings at University events and reproduce those recordings for University purposes 
  • Make audio and audio-visual recordings that contain AMCOS works available on: 
    • University websites and University social media channels (including streaming) 
    • A password-protected University platform (such as a learning management system) or in a physical format. 
  • Make audio and audio-visual recordings that contain ARIA sound recordings
    • In context: available on University websites and on a password protected University platform (such as a learning management system) or in a physical format 
    • Post-production: on a password-protected University platform only. 
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Contact us for music copyright advice

Email us at for further information about the agreement and limitations on what you can use. 

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