UQ staff and students can suggest additions to the Library collection for resources that are not already available.

We will consider your request for purchase based on our Collection Management Policy. Resources requested must support research, teaching or learning at the University. Online format is preferred, but if physical format is requested then one copy will be purchased for space requirements.

For new ongoing journal subscriptions, contact your Faculty Services Librarians.

Check if we have the resource and submit a purchase request

Use Library Search to check for access to a resource, and submit a request for purchase using a prefilled form:

  1. Search for the resource, and if not already enabled, enable the toggle: Include results regardless of availability
  2. If the resource is found but is not available, open the item and choose Place a purchase request
  3. Check and adjust the resource details in the prefilled form, and select Submit

When a resource is not found in Library Search, you can place a purchase request using a blank form:

  1. Visit this Library Search requests page and log in with your UQ ID and password
  2. In the Get it section, choose Place a purchase request
  3. Fill in the resource details, and select Submit

Note: You can also use Citation Finder to do additional checks for resource availability

After submitting a purchase request

  • We will email you within seven days and you can check the progress of your request via Library account > Requests
  • Note: Physical items may take from a few days to several months to arrive, depending on their availability

Other ways to request