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Request options

Library Search records may display a range of request options after you have logged in:

  • Place a request for general loan items when they are located at the Warehouse, available on the shelf at another campus, or on loan to another client
  • Request document delivery for scanned copies of journal articles and book chapters from our physical collections, or to borrow resources  from another Library. This option will also appear for resources which are indicated in Library Search as Temporarily unavailable
  • Make an appointment to request access for special collections located in the Fryer Library. These need to be requested ahead of your appointment, in order to be retrieved and ready for viewing in the FW Robinson Reading Room.
  • Request purchase to suggest published resources for addition to the Library collection.

The request options displayed will vary by a number of factors, including your eligibility to place requests by membership type, the current availability of the item, the item's location, and the loan policy. In some cases there are no request options shown because you are expected to retrieve the item yourself.

Place a request

  1. Search and find the item in Library Search, and click to open the record
  2. Click on or scroll to Get it
  3. If you are not logged in already, log in now
  4. Click the Place a request link
    • This option will not be available for some resources, such as those currently in High Use (24 hour loan)
Place a request option link in Library Search
Click the Place a request link in Library Search to request an item that is on loan, at the Warehouse or at another campus.
  1. Choose a pickup location from the available list

The Place a request form, and pickup location options and information

  1. Click Submit
  2. The display will update to indicate your request has been successfully submitted

Note: If all general loan items are already on loan, placing a request will recall an item. See recalled loans for details.

Request document delivery

  • Request document delivery option will appear in items and for members eligible for this service after logging in, linking to a Document Delivery form.
  • When placing a document delivery request via Library Search, the record details will be prefilled on your behalf into that form. You'll just need to check the details, tick the box to confirm the appropriate resource use, and select Submit.
  • You can also place a request for document delivery in a manual blank form. See Request document delivery for details.

Make an appointment to request access

  • An option to Make an appointment to request access will appear for resources held in our Fryer Library for members eligible for this service after logging in. Fill out the booking form to make an appointment in advance of your visit.
  • Non-UQ clients can fill out the booking form to make an appointment. Please register for membership before arriving for your appointment, for loan of materials while being viewed in the Reading Room. Become a member.
  • After making your appointment, use the link in your confirmation email to request resources you would like to access.
  • See FW Robinson Reading room for details.

Request purchase

  • A Request purchase option will appear in items and for members eligible to suggest additions to the collection.
  • See Request a purchase for details.

Pick up requested items

We will email you when your requested item is available from the Requested items area in your selected pickup location.

Please make sure to check the date on your emailed notice, or in your Library account > Requests, and collect your requested item promptly.

  • The item will be kept for you to collect for 5 days.
  • We will send you a reminder if the item is not picked up after 3 days.
  • If you no longer require the item, you can cancel through your Library account > Requests.
  • If you don't pick up the item and receive an email notice of cancellation, you will need to place a new request.
  • In some cases, resources may be available for you to pick up longer than 5 days, such as due to closed days for the pickup location and for Document Delivery resources from other libraries.

Use your UQ ID card or library card to borrow your requested items at a self-service loan machine. By borrowing from the Library you agree to comply with our borrowing rules.

Building access: The Central Library and the Dorothy Hill Engineering and Sciences Library is 24/7 access only for UQ students and staff using their UQ ID card. Community borrowers and other library members are welcome to pick up requested items during the periods listed under Hours for community members and visitors.

Other requests or help

Contact us if you need assistance with borrowing or requesting.