UQ students and staff can borrow a HoloLens from the Library. HoloLens is a computerised headset with transparent lenses used to provide an augmented learning experience.

How to borrow a HoloLens

  1. Visit the AskUs desk on Level 1 of the Central Library at the St Lucia campus, during the AskUs desk open hours in Central Library. The Hololens can be borrowed for a maximum of 2 hours and must be returned 30 minutes before closing time
  2. Show your UQ student or staff ID card
  3. We will provide a HoloLens headset in a protective case and add it to your Library account
  4. You must return the HoloLens headset, in the protective case, to the same AskUs desk within 2 hours.

Library staff will clean the devices after each use.

HoloLens borrowing rules

  • UQ students and staff can borrow the HoloLens for a maximum of 2 hours.
  • You will be fined for having an overdue item if you return it after the 2 hour loan time has ended.
  • All HoloLens must be returned 30 minutes before the AskUs Central Library desk closes.

About HoloLens

The HoloLens has 3 main augmented learning apps installed:

  • HoloHuman -  immersive 3D exploration of the anatomy of the human body.
  • HoloPatient - holographic patients with symptoms, to allow you to observe and evaluate the patient.
  • HoloChemistry - build a molecule from every element in the Periodic Table.

Using the HoloLens

Use your hands to control holographic windows, menus, and buttons. Use your gaze, your voice, and gestures to select apps and holograms.

Instructions from Microsoft

Getting around HoloLens (1st gen) - the basics for the first time you use the HoloLens. The Start menu has a gesture tutorial — check the Learn Gestures app.