Borrowing items

By borrowing from the Library you agree to comply with our borrowing rules.

Use your UQ ID card or library card to borrow at:

Please check your receipt as it contains important information.

Your borrowing history is available in your library account.

Renewing loans

  • Standard loans may be renewed up to 3 times before they must be returned to the Library. We will auto-renew standard loans for you (up to 3 times) if the item is not recalled and your account has not been suspended
  • Short and recalled loans cannot be renewed
  • Overdue items cannot be renewed online. Contact us and discuss with staff.

Renew online

  1. Log in to your Library account to view your loans
  2. Renew selected items

You can also renew at an auto loan machine or service point in the Library.

Recalled loans

Standard loans are subject to recall if required by another client:

If there are already holds on an item you borrow, your loan period will be 7 days. 

Returning items

Where possible please return loaned items to the library from which they were borrowed.

  • High use material, equipment and keys must be returned, via the returns chute, at the library from which they were borrowed
  • Items borrowed from the Book Dispensing Machines (BDM) machines must be returned to that specific machine
  • Materials borrowed from Toowoomba, Rockhampton, Hervey Bay and Bundaberg libraries must be returned to that library

You may return items by post. Postal address for your library.

Borrowing from other libraries

Borrow from other libraries (reciprocal membership).