Temporary changes to borrowing rules

[Updated 20 January] We have temporarily suspended most library fines for overdue loans (excludes Laptop and Hololens loans). We encourage you to return your loans on time when you are able and in line with any Queensland Government health guidelines.

Borrow items

By borrowing from the Library you agree to comply with our borrowing rules.

  • Use your UQ ID card or library card to borrow at a self-service loan machine.
  • Loan receipts are emailed to your UQ email account. Please check your receipt for when your loans are due back.

Log in to your Library Account to view your current loans and your borrowing history.

Display of My account, with indication of options for Current loans or Borrowing history
Click the dropdown arrow to see My account options for Current loans or Borrowing history

Renew loans

  • General loans will be renewed automatically if the item is not overdue or recalled and your account has not been suspended. Auto-renewals take place five days before the due date of the loan.
  • Shorter loans (7 day, 3 day, 24 hour, End of day) and general loans which have been recalled cannot be renewed.
  • Overdue items cannot be renewed online. Contact us and discuss with staff.
  • Document delivery items cannot be renewed online. Please request a renewal through the Document Delivery portal.

Recalled loans

You have a recall period of 14 days unless the item is due back sooner. See our borrowing rules for more information.

General loans are subject to recall if required by another client. We will request the return of the item by email, which may include a changed due date.

  • You are guaranteed a loan of 14 days on general items.
  • Return the item by the new due date to avoid replacement charges. See our Overdue items page for details.

If there are already additional requests on an item at the time it is borrowed, your loan period will be 14 days. 

Return your loans

You can return items in person or by post. Visit our locations and hours for return locations or the postal address of your library. We will confirm your items have been returned by email.

In person

When returning items in person, help us make them available for loan again sooner:

  • Return items to the library where they were borrowed and
  • Place High-Use and document delivery items on dedicated high-use return shelves where available.

Community members: if you are returning items at St Lucia outside of regular opening hours, use the external return chute at Architecture and Music Library.

By post

When returning items by post:

  • Post items to the library where they were borrowed
  • You are responsible for the cost of the postage.

More information for external and remote students.

Borrowing from other libraries

Borrow from other libraries (reciprocal membership).