Collections and Digital Services manages the Library’s collections and ensures access to resources for the UQ community. We provide leadership and support for the development of digital, data and information capabilities and Open Educational Resources. We are committed to the inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges and perspectives in our services.

Digital Experience

Digital Experience provides leadership and support for the development of the digital, data and information capabilities of our students, researchers and staff.

Associate Director

The Associate Director's role is currently vacant.

Digital Learning

Digital Learning leads digital skill development and creates and manages digital content for teaching, learning and research, including the management of learning resources.

Thomas Palmer, Senior Manager

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Digitisation provides services and advice on digitising material to support research, teaching and learning at UQ, including:

  • Digital initiatives to support research and teaching
  • Discoverability and preservation of digitised collections
  • Consultation for digital project development

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Fryer Library

  • Special collections branch of the UQ Library
  • Supports scholarship, research and teaching
  • Contains original manuscripts and rare publications
  • Key strengths in Australian Literature, Architecture, and History
  • Administers the University of Queensland Archives

Simon Farley, Fryer Librarian

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Information Resource Services

The Information Resource Services Team undertake:

  • Strategic development of the collection
  • Collections budget and access to resources
  • Negotiations and relationships with publishers and vendors
  • Library materials procurement and processing
  • Document delivery and scan-and-deliver services
  • High-Use collections
  • Client records management
  • Physical collections and Library Warehouse.

General Information Resource Services contact email:

Karen Seymour, Associate Director

Publisher Relations

Glen Dalgleish

Glen Dalgleish, Senior Manager

+61 7 3365 1137

Resource Management

Resource Delivery

Physical Collections and Warehouse

Deanna Antoniolli
Physical Collections Administrator

+61 7 3346 4308

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Reconciliation Action Plan

Mia Strasek-Barker, Manager

The Reconciliation Action Plan Manager focuses on coordinating and managing a range of activities and events across UQ to highlight the Library’s acknowledgement and commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through its collections and services.

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