Organisational chart

Organisational chart, library management. Accessible version below on this page.
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Accessible version

University Librarian and Library Executive

Director, Learning and Research Services

Client Services

  • Associate Director, Client Experience
    • Manager, Business, Economics and Law (BEL),¬†Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) and UQ College Faculty Liaison
    • Manager, Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (EAIT) & Science Faculty Liaison
    • Manager,¬†Faculty of Medicine,¬†Health and Behavioural Sciences (HABS) & Rural Clinical School Faculty Liaison
    • Manager, Information Assistance team

Data, Digital Learning and Publishing

  • Associate Director, Data, Digital Learning and Publishing
    • Manager, Scholarly Publishing

Scholarly Communication & Repository Services

  • Associate Director, Scholarly Communication & Repository Services
    • Manager, Research Outputs & Impact
    • Manager, UQ eSpace

Director, Information Systems and Resource Services

  • Associate Director, Information Resources
  • Associate Director, Library Technology
    • Manager, Application Development
    • Manager, User Experience Services
  • Manager, Digitisation
  • Manager, Resource Delivery and Physical Collections team

Director, Library Corporate Services

  • Manager, Advancement
  • Manager, Corporate Services
  • Manager, Fryer Library
  • Manager, Marketing and Communications
  • Coordinator, Quality and Planning
  • Consultant, Staff Development
  • University Copyright Lawyer