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Digital technologies have fundamentally altered the way we live and work. They have broken down barriers and given rise to a wave of new job titles, a growing virtual workforce and an explosion in personalised online services – all of which are having a profound impact on what and how we choose to learn (Student Strategy 2016-2020 White Paper)

In 2018, as part of the UQ Student Technology Survey, we asked you to give us feedback on your digital experiences at UQ and the role technology plays in your lives. Over 9,000 of you took the time to respond to this survey. 

65% of you agreed that digital technologies make learning more enjoyable.

70% of you agreed that digital skills are important in your chosen career.

40% of you said that you did not have time to update your digital skills.

What is Digital Essentials?

We partnered with UQ students to create Digital Essentials, a series of online modules for you to quickly build your digital skills so you can succeed in study and work. If you are new to UQ, we suggest you begin with the recommended modules.

Support for students

There are many services offered by UQ that can assist you with personal or study-related issues.

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Support for academics

Interested in using these modules in your course? See Teaching digital skills in your course for further information.

Start with these modules

We recommend starting with the basics, before moving on to more advanced modules that will help with assignments and work-life.

Assignment Essentials

Complete these modules to build your study and assignment skills.

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