Duhig Tower

The Duhig tower has study spaces with library computers and a postgraduate study area (level 4). It connects to Central Library on level one. 24/7 spaces in this library are available with your UQ ID card. The Fryer Library, including quiet study space, is on level four.


  • Alumni, Community members and visitors can access the Duhig Tower from 7am-10pm, Monday to Friday, and from 7am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday, excluding public holidays.
  • A UQ ID card is required after hours (10pm-7am) to use 24/7 spaces

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Duhig Tower


  • Current capacity: 320
  • Computers
  • 24/7 space
  • Training rooms
  • The FW Robinson Reading Room (Fryer Library)

Rooms you can book

Book a room: 2 individual study rooms (level 4)

Floor plans and accessible facilities

Level one

  • D114 Centrally controlled teaching space
  • Training rooms D108 and D108A
  • Display space
  • Kitchenette (with microwaves and fridge)

Information for clients with disabilities.

Floor plan Duhig Tower, level one. Click for a larger image.

Level two

  • Training room D217
  • Study room D206
  • Print, scan & copy
  • Café Merlos
  • Exit to The Great Court
  • Study spaces
  • Computers
  • Height adjustable desks

UQ Print has moved to level one of the Biological Sciences Library.

Floor plan Duhig Tower, Level 2. Click for a larger image.

Level four

  • Fryer Library
    • Reading room
    • Study space
    • Bookeye scanner 
    • Microfilm reader
  • Postgraduate study space​
    • Postgraduate lockers
    • 24/7 study space
    • Study rooms D402, D405 and D406
  • Print, scan & copy

Floor plan Duhig Tower, Level 4. Click for a larger image.

Level five

  • Meeting rooms D505 and D527
  • Training room D501
  • Study spaces
  • Fryer Fellow
  • Consultation room
  • Computers
  • Device docks (connect for screen, power and keyboard)
  • Print, scan & copy
  • Height adjustable desk

Floor plan Duhig Tower, Level 5. Click for a larger image.