All courses formerly provided by are now available through LinkedIn Learning. Read our blog post for more information about the change. LinkedIn Learning is one of the largest software and skills training websites and is free for UQ students and staff.

Access LinkedIn Learning

As with, you must activate a LinkedIn Learning account to access the course content. You do NOT need a personal LinkedIn profile to use LinkedIn Learning.  You can connect your LinkedIn account or create a separate LinkedIn Learning account. 

To activate your LinkedIn Learning account: 

  1. Go to LinkedIn Learning 
  2. Click Sign in
  3. Click Sign in with your organization account
  4. Enter your UQ email address in this format:
    • Students -
    • Staff - version with at the end
  5. You will be redirected to the UQ Single sign-on page where you can login using your UQ username and password. Any existing learning history and certificates from your account will be in your new account.

LinkedIn Learning login screen example

If you have a personal LinkedIn profile you can choose to connect your Learning account if you want additional features such as course recommendations for your skills and position and what’s trending on LinkedIn Learning. 

Select the "Continue without connecting my LinkedIn account" button to activate your LinkedIn Learning account without connecting to a LinkedIn account, if you prefer.

Sharing courses

Redirects from

Any currently shared courses or videos with ? in the URL will redirect until March 2020. To update the links or to share new courses going forward, you can:

  1. Create a collection to share multiple videos; or 
  2. Share one video with a shareable URL.

Create a collection from a course or video

  1. Log in to LinkedIn Learning
  2. Click the Bookmark icon in the course or video you want to share
  3. Click Add to collection
  4. From the Add to collection pop-up window that appears, click Create new collection
  5. In the Create a new collection window, enter a Title and Description (if desired)
  6. Click Create

Alternatively, if you browse or search, an Add to Collection option is available, next to each course or video.

Share a Collection

  1. Log in to LinkedIn Learning
  2. Click on the Me icon
  3. From the dropdown that appears, click Collections under My Learning
  4. Click Share next to the collection you want to share
  5. From the Share this collection dropdown, select The University of Queensland
  6. Click Copy to get the URL.

Share single video with shareable URL

  1. Log in to LinkedIn Learning
  2. Search for the video you want to share
  3. Click on the video so it begins to play
  4. Select and copy the URL from the browser location bar
  5. Add "&auth=true" to the end of the URL  (example: )
  6. Use this full URL as a link from your course, website or wherever you want to share the video from.

We recommend sharing links to videos using these steps rather than embedding it.  There is currently no way to embed LinkedIn Learning videos into an online learning platform that prompts Single Sign On.


Because access to LinkedIn Learning is paid for by The University of Queensland, the administrator of the account will be able to see your Learning activity data (such as courses you've completed) but will not be able to see your private LinkedIn activity. You can control what is displayed on your personal LinkedIn profile. See the details of the Privacy Information here.

Need more help using LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning support.