Planning time is not included in the exam duration

10 minutes of planning time is added to the scheduled time for all end-of-semester exams with the duration set as 60, 90, 120 or 180 minutes.

You should use the 10 minutes of planning time to read the examination questions and plan your responses but you may commence working if you wish.

The exam duration is provided in your personal examination timetable. Some School-based exams will not appear on your personal examination timetable. Your Course Coordinator will advise of the arrangements for these exams. Remember to check the Electronic Course Profile (ECP) for each of your courses to ensure you understand all assessment requirements.

The examination information sheet will also show the duration of your exam. Make sure that you take a few minutes at the start of your exam to read the instructions on the information sheet and the examination questions carefully.

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Time allowance for uploading and submitting your completed online exam

There will be 15 minutes submission time for all online examinations of one hour or more that require you to upload your work and submit it. The 15 minutes is in addition to the examination duration and planning time.

The additional 15 minutes are provided for the submission and upload of your completed online exam. This time is not intended as extra working time. You must leave sufficient time to submit and upload your completed examination to avoid penalties for late submission.

Example of an exam that includes planning and submission time:

  • You have an online exam with 10 minutes of planning time and a duration of 120 minutes, scheduled to start at 2pm.
  • You start the exam at 2pm.
  • You are required to begin upload at 4.10pm.
  • Penalties will apply from 4.25pm.

Note: The 15 minute additional time allowance does not apply to online exams that do not require you to upload your workĀ (e.g. Assessments in Inspera). Check your exam information to confirm the amount of time allowed for submission of your exam.

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