Prepare for online exam success

Check before your online exam

  • Your timetable - Check the timezone, exam type, location and duration.
  • IT set up - Check your access to systems and your computer, equipment and browser version are up to date. Make sure to get your computer checked if there are any issues you can't solve.
  • Access to Library resources - Check your course reading lists, past exam papers and prepare notes for open book exams.
  • Saving your progress and taking screenshots - For back-up and evidence, in case of technical or submission difficulties.
  • Uploading handwritten exams - Using a scanning app, transferring large photo files and reducing file sizes.

Understand the online exam process

Check the information for the type of exam you will do:

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Technical problems during your online exam

  1. Contact AskUs Exam Support chat as soon as you experience any technical issue in your online exam
  2. Take screenshots or photos that show the issue, including the time and date, your name or student number.


  • AskUs Exam Support for any technical issues before or during your exam.
  • Student Support for health and wellbeing.