UQ staff and students can access past exam papers which have been released by UQ Examinations in the last 5 years through the Library, supporting current students in their study and exam preparations.

For exams conducted prior to the last 5 years, contact UQ Examinations. For exam papers issued by a UQ School, contact the School directly.

Answers to past exam papers are not available.

Search for past exam papers by course code

Search from the Library home page.

Select past exams search filter

  1. Select Past exam papers from the Library Search options
  2. Enter a full or partial course code
  3. Click Search

Example searches:

  • ENGG1500 will list past exam papers for that course
  • ENGG will list past exam papers for all engineering courses
  • EN will list papers for all courses beginning with "EN"

Download an exam

Select the link for an available exam. Log in with your UQ username and password to download the exam paper.

If you see only a blank page, please clear your browser history.

Past exam papers listed from Semester 2, 2021 back to Semester 2, 2019. Mouse pointer over ENGG1500 exam for Semester 2, 2021.
Available exam papers for course ENGG1500 are listed from most recent to oldest, over maximum 5 years.

Where there is no entry for a Year & Semester, it means there is no exam paper available because:

  • the course was not offered during that semester
  • no exam paper has been provided to the LIbrary by UQ Examinations
  • the exam was conducted by the School, not by UQ Examinations
  • the assessment was by some other mechanism or
  • it is a recent paper that has not yet been released.

Sample indicates that an actual paper has not been released but a sample paper is available.

Other ways to search for past exam papers

  • You can log in to the Library and access past exam papers via the Learning resources box
  • Exam Paper records can be found within Library Search by searching the full course code or by partial course codes with wldcard characters. For example, by ENGG1500 or ENGG* (asterisk for one or more characters) or ENGG150? (question mark for single character)