As a UQ student, you can access exam papers that have been released by UQ Examinations in the last 5 years, where they are available. For exam papers issued by a UQ School, contact the School directly.

Search for past exam papers by course code

Select past exams search filter

  1. Select Past exam papers from the UQ Library Search types
  2. Enter a full or partial course code
  3. Click Search

Example searches:

  • "ENGG1500" will list past exam papers for that course
  • "ENGG" will list past exam papers for all engineering courses
  • "EN" will list papers for all courses beginning with "EN"

Download an exam

Click the green box to download a PDF copy of a past exam paper for a particular semester.

download exam button

A blank cell means there is no official exam paper, because:

  • the course was not offered in that semester
  • the exam was conducted by the School, not by UQ Examinations
  • the assessment was by some other mechanism
  • it is a recent paper that has not yet been released

Further information

Term Explanation
E Electronic format
P+E Physical and electronic format
SAMPLE Sample paper, no actual past exam paper available
N/A No exam or sample paper released