Services for teaching staff

The Library can support you to deliver your course and provide high quality learning resources for your teaching.

Teaching this semester?

Update and publish your reading list in time for the semester.

Start with our Publish and update course reading lists guide

Prepare your course

Meet a Librarian

Talk with the Faculty Services Librarian Team if you have any questions about how we can support you.

New course or program

Proposing a new course or program — we can help ensure you have the necessary materials to support teaching and learning for your course.

Publish your reading list

Learning resources and course reading lists explains how to:

  • provide your students with access to their learning resources and reading lists.
  • enhance your students' learning by applying best practice in selecting resources and organising your lists.

Exam support

We provide support to your students for technical issues before or during their exams. Share these pages with your students:

Let the Librarian Team know if your students will need to rely on a particular text during their exam as publishers may limit the number of concurrent users for particular resources.

Use Library resources in your course

Subject and referencing guides

Subject guides — Subject-specific resources to help your students find relevant information for their assignments. We can also work with you to create guides to assist your students with specific assignments. This is an example course guide.

Referencing style guides — Guidance for commonly used styles. Specify the citation style required in your Electronic Course Profile.

Build your students' digital and research skills

Use our self-paced online modules including:

Training — In-person and online training are available for students.

Tailored programs and reusing Library modules

Contact the Librarian Team for assistance to develop and deliver information and digital literacy programs, self-paced online modules, videos and resources for your course.

Visit the Getting started with UQ Library online tutorial.

Reuse existing Library self-paced online modules in your courses.

Object-based learning

Find out about our services to support teaching with special collections for your course.

Inform, educate and engage students in topics across many disciplines using original material and objects.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

  • Create or use open textbooks in your courses — Find out how you can author, adapt or adopt an open textbook.
  • Find OER you can use in your courses, including books, images, video and audio.

Access the UQ Assessment Ideas Factory to find assessment techniques.

Best practice for your teaching

Indigenising Curriculum resources

Use Indigenising Curriculum resources to find a rich and curated collection of Library resources and innovative approaches for incorporating them into your courses. It brings together Library resources to support the Indigenising Curriculum work.

Accessibility and inclusion

If asked, encourage your students to contact a Student Adviser to discuss their situation and activate UQ and Library support services.


Get copyright information and advice on:

  • teaching, learning, research, publication and open access
  • training and seminars for researchers and staff.

Contact the University Copyright Officer.

Develop digital teaching practice

Guidance on remote teaching and academic continuity from The Institute of Teaching and Learning.