Send your job to the printer

Printing is set up on all Library computers. You can also print from your own device.

You can not print directly from a USB device on Library printers.

Click Print in your application:

  • Select the number of copies
  • Adjust any print settings (colour, etc)
  • Click Print to send the job to your print account.

You can pick up your job at any library printer

Print settings

While printing, click Printer Properties to adjust print settings such as colour, single or double-sided printing, combine multiple pages onto a single sheet of paper or change the paper size.

Print settings screen.
Library printer properties, My Tab -
showing print options, including colour, combination, paper size etc.

Default print settings:

  • A4 paper
  • double-sided
  • black and white

Colour printing

  1. Click Select Color, then Auto Color 
  2. Click OK

Single or double-sided (duplex)

  1. At the Print Type drop-down select 1-Sided, 2-Sided or Booklet
  2. Click OK

Multiple printed pages per sheet of paper

Combination printing does not reduce the cost of your document.

  1. Select the Layout tab
  2. Tick Combination
  3. Select the combination you want from the drop-down
  4. Click OK

Paper size

  1. Click the Paper Size button
  2. Select another size, e.g. A3

Collect your printing

The jobs will remain in your printing account for 2 hours before expiring. You are not required to delete jobs you don't want to print.

  1. Touch your Student ID or print/copy card to the card reader zone on the printer. This will open your printing account
  2. Press the Print Release button on the printer menu
  3. Select print job(s) you wish to print
  4. Press the round Start button below the touchscreen

The card scanner is just below the printer touch screen.

Log-out of the printer

Press the Log out button on the right of the printer screen.

The logout button to the right of the printer touch screen in a vertical line of buttons.