As a Library guest you need to register a print/copy card to use Library printing services. You can log in to Library computers as a guest user, create documents in LibreOffice, and read from and write to USB. You cannot access the internet.

Note: UQ students and staff should use their student or staff ID card for printing. Transfer the print credit from any print/copy cards onto your student or staff account.

You will need to be on campus to register your card and to add print credit to your account.

Get a print/copy card

  • Cards are available in our libraries at the printers or at an AskUs service point
  • Add print credit online with a credit card. New cards do not contain credit
  • Write your name and contact number on the card so it can be returned if misplaced

Register your print/copy card

Visit the guest print card registration page and follow the instructions.

Guest printing from Library workstations

After registering your print/copy card:

  1. Log in as a guest on a Library workstation
  2. Print your document using your print/copy card

Guests can create documents in LibreOffice. Microsoft Office is not available. You may need to install LibreOffice from ZENworks.