As a Library guest you need to register a print/copy card to use Library printing services. 

Note: UQ students and staff should use their student or staff ID card for printing. Transfer the print credit from any print/copy card(s) onto your student or staff account.

Get a print/copy card

  • Cards are available in our libraries at the printers or at an AskUs service point
  • Add print credit online with a credit card. New cards do not contain credit
  • Write your name and contact number on the card so it can be returned if misplaced

Register your print/copy card

Register your print/copy card so it will work with the printers.

  1. Find a registration station near one of the printers
    • your username should not have any spaces
    • you will need to remember your username and password
  2. Click into the Card Serial Number box and touch your print/copy card to the reader near the computer
  3. Click Register

Your account will be active after around 2 minutes. You may then use your card and print credit to print, copy or scan to USB.

Form with your full name, email address, username, password and card serial number.
The registration form for print/copy cards.

Guest printing from Library workstations

After registering your print/copy card:

  1. Log-in as a guest on a Library workstation
    (You can create a document or read from USB, but you cannot save or access the internet).
  2. Print your document