Information about logging into computers, Library systems and electronic resources.

Sign in to Library computers

UQ Students and Staff

Sign in with your UQ username (Students: e.g. s1234567 | Staff: uqajones) and password.

User category USB read/write Email* Internet*
UQ Students Yes Yes Yes
UQ Staff Yes Yes Yes

* Sign in to the Internet for email and internet access.

Forgotten your password?

Reset your password

Library members (extramural)

  1. Click the Non UQ Users (EM and libguest) option on the bottom left of screen
  2. Sign in with your UQ Library username (starting with "em" as emailed to you when you became a member) and password.
User Category USB read / write Email Internet
Teaching hospital staff Yes Yes* Yes*
UQ Alumni Yes No No
Reciprocal and community borrowers


No No

Sign in to the Internet for email and internet access.

Forgotten your password?

Contact us to reset your password. 

Library guests

Guests include members of the visitors to the Library and members of the community.

  • Click the Non-UQ Users (EM and libguest) option on the bottom left of screen
  • Log in as a guest, username: libguest, password: libguest

Computer access

  • You can create documents using LibreOffice
  • You can print documents. See the guest printing page for details
  • You have USB read and write access
  • You cannot access the Internet
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Sign in to the Library website

You may be required to sign in to the Library website to:

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Accessing electronic resources

    Your Library membership must include access to electronic resources to access these materials.

    Databases with their own password

    Some databases have their own username and password as an added level of security. Follow these steps:

    1. Click the item title in UQ Library Search
    2. Click the Password electronic collections link in the 'View It' section
    3. Note the database username and password, then click the Login URL.
      The database will open in a new tab
    4. Log in with the username and password
    Note the username and password for the Database in UQ Library search, then click the Login URL

    Database messages

    Some examples:

    • "All licences in use" - UQ Library has licensing agreements with database publishers which can limit the number of simultaneous users. Try again later, or try another database.
    • "Available from Library computers only" - On a Library computer click on the ZENworks Application Portal icon on the desktop.
    • "Available in x library only" - these databases are only available from computers in the specific library. Some databases are available from all computers in the library by clicking on the ZENworks Application icon on the desktop. Other databases are available only from a specific computer. Enquire in that library location
    • "Additional software required" - a few databases require special software. Follow the instructions to download and install the software
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