Academic integrity describes the ethical principles that underpin academia and student life. All members of the UQ community have a responsibility to support and uphold the values of academic integrity.

These Academic Integrity Modules (AIM) are designed to help you understand your obligations and responsibilities as a UQ student. 

Access the modules

Access the modules from this page and enrol using your UQ login to ensure your completion is recorded.

Academic Integrity Modules (UQ login required)

Press Start Course to begin the modules or Resume Course if you have started previously.

Completing the modules

All new to UQ students and new to a program students need to complete the compulsory Academic Integrity Modules (AIM) before the due dates. The modules are also highly recommended for all continuing students.

If you are new to a program and have completed AIM previously you do not have to complete the modules a second time.  

Important: If you do not complete the modules by the due dates, you will be unable to view your grades and will be prevented from enrolling in the following semester until the modules have been completed. 

Due dates

You’ll need to complete:

  • Part A by 31 August 2022
  • Part B by 29 October 2022.

Note: Leave Part B until after you have completed some of this semester’s assessment tasks so you have experience with University level assessment.

Check your progress


Purple ticks on the Course tab and on the pages show your progress but the tick will not always appear even though you have completed the page. Do not be concerned if the purple tick does not appear. 

Checking your assessment completion

Click on the Progress tab to monitor your completion of the compulsory assessment items.

When the Progress page opens look at the score you have achieved for each module of Part A.

A score showing (5/5) means you have been successful with that module. Each module in Part A must have a score of 5/5. If any do not, go back to the module and repeat any compulsory assessment task where you have not answered questions correctly.

scoring page

Get help

Contact the Library AskUs team for IT help or for any issues using the modules.

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