There are limits to what materials may be included in a hard copy course reader. The following lists key points to be aware of. If you need specific help, give us a call.

What you can include in a hard copy course reader

  1. UQ-owned copyright material - no limits.
  2. 3rd-party copyright material where the express permission of the copyright has been obtained - limited by extent of permission, which must be in writing.
  3. Electronic journals and databases supplied through the Library - varies according to licence conditions, but most do not permit inclusion in readers.
  4. Other material – e.g. Hardcopy books, journals and newspapers, and text and images from the web. The University pays $1m annually to permit copying under a statutory licence for educational purposes.

    The limits under this licence are set out below and represent the total amount that can be provided to a student for a single subject from a single source:
    1. Books – one chapter or 10% of the pages, whichever is the greater.
    2. Hardcopy journals and magazines, including newspapers – one article from an issue or two or more where they are on the same topic – i.e. a single sub-topic narrower than the subject breadth of the journal.
    3. Material openly available on the web from non-licensed sources can be used in limited quantities:
      • No more than 10% of the words or pages of a website - note: separately published copyright works made available through a website - e.g. reports – are treated as individual works and subject to the chapter or 10% rule in most cases.
      • Images where they are not separately commercially available in electronic form.

Copyright advice and support

Please email us at copyright@library.uq.edu.au or contact your Liaison Librarian if you have copyright-related questions.