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Image from Garth Wilkinson's theatre scrapbooks UQFL389
Image from Garth Wilkinson's theatre scrapbooks UQFL389

Among the special collections of The University of Queensland are items of rarity, beauty, curiosity and cultural significance. These items connect us to our history and inspire our imagination. We are pleased to share them with you. These digitised photographs, manuscripts, architectural plans, and oral histories provide a glimpse into the troves of the Library and let you explore the stories they tell.

Celebrating 70 years of the University of Queensland Press

Read about the history of the Press and its notable writers and poets.
Learn more about the life and legacy of Dorothy Hill (1907-1997), a pioneer for women and one of The University of Queensland’s most distinguished scientists..
Discover why this unique collection remains an important resource for teaching and research today
Experience the First World War through the eyes of a young UQ student, John Denis (Jack) Fryer, and his family.
Discover the story about JK Murray, a remarkable man who held a lifelong belief in the value of education.
Discover how the University’s campus at St Lucia has changed over the years.