Donations to Fryer Library

The Fryer Library collects published and unpublished material in the areas of:

  • Australian Literature and Drama
  • The history of The University of Queensland and its scholars
  • Queensland architectural plans and records
  • Collections that support the holdings of University museums

as outlined in our Collection Development Policy.

We do not accept donations at the desk without prior assessment. An Expression of Interest form and donor listing are to be completed by the donor before bringing material into the Library. The required forms and procedures are outlined below:

  • Donating unpublished material
  • Donating published material
  • Australian Government Cultural Gifts Program

Donating unpublished material

Before donating, ask

1. Is the collection relevant to the Fryer Library?

If your collection does not fit within our collection development policy we may be able to suggest another more appropriate collecting institution.

2. Does the collection have enduring historical and research value?

We acquire material that has ongoing historical, informational and research value. We therefore consider the provenance of the donated material (who created it and why) and its contextual significance. We also take into account past, current and emerging research trends.

3. Does the collection contain unique and original material?

We do not collect duplicate material, comprised of copies of original documents held elsewhere. We do not collect manuscripts from books that do not differ substantially from the published volume.

Things we collectThings we don't collect
  • Drafts of significant published work
  • Personal papers and correspondence
  • Diaries
  • Minutes, correspondence, articles of association, rule books, and publications of non-government organisations
  • Photographs
  • Oral history recordings
  • Rare books and books bearing inscriptions or significant annotations
  • Newspapers available online, on microform or in print collections
  • 'Housekeeping' papers (bills, bank statements etc)
  • Financial and administrative records of an organisation
  • Research photocopies of documents held by Fryer Library or other institutions

Other considerations


Be aware that material containing personal information could potentially cause hurt or embarrassment to individuals or organisations. While we aim to maximise access to our collections, it may appropriate to restrict access to particular parts of a collection for a defined period of time. Please identify sensitive material and discuss it with us before donation.


Unpublished manuscript material under copyright cannot legally be copied without the permission of the copyright owner. The copyright owner is the person (or organisation) who created the work or has lawfully acquired copyright from the creator. Please provide the Library with any information you have about who created the material in your collection and who might currently own copyright over it. If you are the copyright holder, we can discuss several options for making the material available to researchers while still protecting your copyright.


To enhance access to and awareness of Fryer Library’s holdings, we regularly digitise items for display in our exhibition spaces and online. When items are donated we request donor approval for the collection to be used in this way.

To donate

1. Complete the Expression of interest: Donations form if you wish to make a donation to Fryer.

2. Complete the Donor Listing form to help in identifying the type of material being offered for donation and ordering it in a meaningful way.

3. Contact the Fryer Librarian by emailing if you require further information about donating.

Where possible, please:

  • date and identify the subject of photographs
  • provide a list of contents
  • arrange the material in a logical order, with similar material together (for example, keep meeting minutes together, photographs together, etc.)
  • provide relevant contextual information about the collection, such as biographical notes in the case of personal papers or an administrative history in the case of records of an organisation
  • remove any material that is not original or unique, or holds little research value
  • make note of any damaged or fragile material.

Donating published material

We do not collect additional copies of material already held in the Fryer Library or material which is held by other collecting institutions. Additional copies of books are retained only if they contain significant inscriptions or annotations. Complete an Expression of interest: Donations form to propose a donation of published material.

Australian Government Cultural Gifts Program

The Fryer Library acquires its collections through donation and purchase. Offers of material and donations from members of the public are welcome, including donations made under the Australian Government Cultural Gifts Program. While we accept collections under the Cultural Gifts Program, we stipulate that donations given under this program must exceed a value of $10,000.