External or remote UQ students can still borrow physical items from the Library. We will pay for the item to be posted to you. You are responsible for the return postage.

Remote borrowing service has reopened

17 July: remote borrowing has reopened with item requests now available in Library Search. Visit request items for more information on requesting. Loan recalls remain suspended for now.

You can return your current loans by mail.

Am I eligible to use this service?

Undergraduates and Coursework Postgraduates

Fully external or remote student

Your account automatically has remote borrowing enabled. Check mySI-net to confirm that you are classified as external.

Submit an external and remote borrowing application

If you are not automatically enabled for remote borrowing, you may apply if:

  • you are undertaking a student placement of more than 2 weeks in another town or city
  • you have extenuating circumstances

Please email circ@library.uq.edu.au detailing your situation. We will contact you about your application.

Research students

MPhil and PhD students: contact your school/institute and request that your candidature status in SI-net be changed to “Remote”.


Temporary adjustments to borrowing privileges, effective 19 March 2020:

  • General loan period: does not apply from 19 March. General loans will be auto renewed. Overdue fines will not accrue on any loans.
  • Renewing loans: does not apply from 19 March. General loans will be auto renewed. Loan recalls have been suspended.

Your borrowing privileges are slightly different from standard student loans.

Category Undergraduate Coursework post graduate Research student
Number of items Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
General loan 42 day 42 day 84 day
Renewing loans 3 auto-renewals at 28 days 3 auto-renewals at 28 days 3 auto-renewals at 84 days

Other borrowing privileges are as set out in borrowing rules.

To borrow

Ensure your semester address is up to date in mySI-net.

  1. Log in to Library Search
  2. Select a physical item and then click Get It
  3. Click Place a request to have it posted to you
    1. For Pickup Location, select Home Address (Personal Delivery)
    2. For Not Needed After, optionally select a date after which you want us to cancel your request because you no longer need the item.
  4. Click the Place a request button

To return

Post the item back to the Library by its due date. We will include a return address label.

If you happen to be on campus, you can also return your books at any library.

Loans and recalls

  • General loans are subject to recall if required by another client. An email will be sent to you requesting that the material be returned by an adjusted due date.
  • Check the due date of your items in your library account or My Library. Return the item by the due date to avoid incurring an overdue loan penalty.
  • If the item was requested by another client before it was sent to you, your borrowing period will be 14 days.