Quality assurance in the Library is embedded in its strategic planning, reporting and review systems.

Key Elements

These framework elements are the responsibility of the University Librarian and Directors to implement.

Accountability consists of:

  • appraisal of the performance of individual managers, and
  • oversight by the governing body of the Library, the Library Executive
  • University Librarian reporting regularly to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
  • Reporting on Reviews to the University Senate

Key Features

Focus on attaining Library goals and objectives through annual reporting on performance in relation to the Strategic Plan and the Operational Plan.

Key Principles

  • Commitment to clear identification of strategic objectives and priorities for action.
  • Commitment to evaluate each branch and functional unit at least once every seven years.
  • Support for redirection of resources to meet recommendations for change emanating from reviews and to support strategic objectives.
  • Support for staff development to ensure continuous improvement and excellence.
  • Devolution of responsibility to its most effective organisation level, with clear lines of accountability.