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Today’s world is a complex information society, and the UQ Library has a key role to play in equipping our UQ community with the information and skills to thrive in this environment.

Just as important, however, are the many ways in which we surprise and delight each person who interacts with the library. It’s the feeling of finding answers to questions more easily than you expected, the feeling of discovering learning opportunities you had no idea existed, the feeling of expert staff becoming trusted advisers and friends, and the feeling of settling into a comfortable study space that feels like the most curious and clever version of home.

Our core purpose is to connect you with knowledge. The connections you make along the way – to others, to history, to the academic world, and to yourself – are a wonderful bonus 


The Library collections are a key resource for meeting the needs and expectations of the UQ community. Based upon principles of responsiveness, flexibility, comprehensiveness, and equity, the collection includes material and data in a variety of formats. The Library’s e-preferred policy ensures rapid delivery of relevant resources, to continue to build one of the largest collections amongst academic libraries in Australia, and by far the largest in Queensland. It includes unique and/or heritage material that forms the backbone of the Fryer Library collection.  An annual snapshot showing our collection strength is provided. Comprehensive statistics can be found at the CAUL Statistics site. Our collections are backed up by a comprehensive information and computer skills training program, as well as individual advice and help in person, by telephone, on the website and through email or online chat.

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