Library Search lets you search across multiple Library systems and research databases in one place. It includes:

  • Physical resources, including books and journals
  • Online resources, including journal articles and databases
  • Learning resources, including access to course reading lists, exam papers, and library guides
  • Open Access resources, including Open Educational Resources (OERs)
  • Selected UQ eSpace collections, including UQ theses and digitised materials
  • Manuscript and unpublished collections held in the Fryer Library

You can discover even more by enabling the toggles for additional options

  • Include results not available online
    • ​​​​​This option expands your search results beyond those available online and our physical resources
    • We can help you access these resources with our Request option links, including retrieval from our Warehouse, purchase of new resources, or loan from other institutions
  • Search within full text
    • This option also returns results through matches to your search terms within the full text content, rather than only matches to key information within records, such as title, author, and description

Options to toggle to Include results not available online and Search within full text

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