Consultation with the Library

You must include evidence of consultation with the University Librarian in all proposals for new and revised courses and programs (PPL 3.20.01). Consulting with the library helps us ensure we have the necessary library materials to support teaching and learning for your course.

What you need to do

  1. Email at least two weeks before the documentation is required for submission. Send a copy of the new course or program submission using: 
    1. Form 1 — New Coursework Program
    2. Form 2 — New field/s in existing coursework programs
    3. Form 11— New Course Submission
  2. Include a list of any required or recommended learning resources (your librarian can work with you in identifying additional resources and library services that may be required).

The University Librarian will send a letter indicating whether the Library can support your course/program to the relevant Faculty Director of Studies. You will also receive a copy of the letter.