The Librarian Team can work with you to help you find the best learning resources for your course and avoid access issues that can affect your students. There are some key issues to consider when selecting learning resources.


Provide accessible resources

If asked, encourage your students to contact a Student Adviser to discuss their situation and activate UQ and Library Support services.

Accessible content

The Create accessible content guide will help you to make your content accessible and understand why it is important.

Awareness of digital accessibility on Workday (UQ staff login required) is a self-paced course on digital accessibility and how to overcome some of the common barriers to learning.

Scanning service

You can request to have items scanned into an accessible electronic version.

Accessibility for eBooks

Accessibility information for using eBooks includes tips on using screen reader software, accessibility features available on eBook platforms and flexible formats.

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Equal access for all

Access barriers may mean that not all your students will be able to use a resource when they need it e.g. during open book exams or when completing assignments.

Print book and traditionally published ebooks can have access barriers, including:

Open educational resources (OER), including open textbooks, are licensed in ways that allow us to legally and freely copy, use, adapt and re-share them. You can adapt an open textbook for your course.

Open Textbooks @ UQ is an open textbook creation platform you can use to author an open textbook for your course or work with students to co-create resources.

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Diverse perspectives

Resources that present diverse perspectives and viewpoints can engage your students and allow them to experience an inclusive teaching environment. Select resources by authors with different identities, backgrounds and ethnicities.

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Different formats

Choose a range of resource types, including videos, data sets, websites and digital objects, to support different learning styles and to increase student engagement with the resources.

Our How to find guides explain techniques to find specific information formats, including:


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It is important to ensure that your learning resources comply with copyright. If you have uploaded a PDF into your course, rather than linking to it, you may be in breach of copyright.

  • Creating a reading list through the Library’s Talis system ensures that it will be copyright compliant.
  • We can provide copyright advice on copyright limits for resources you use in your courses.
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