Ongoing gives an overview of sharing and re-using your research data once your project is completed.

  • Before you start covers grant applications, the UQ Research Data Manager and ethics for research data management
  • During research looks at what you need to do to store and secure your research data during your project

3. Publish in a data journal

You may be able to publish your project's data in a data journal. 

Data journals aim to improve the transparency of scientific method and results, as well as the sharing and re-use of data, by allowing authors to publish datasets rather than an extensive analysis of the data.

Data journals have differing requirements for submission, review and publication:

  • You may need to deposit your project's data in an approved repository or with the journal itself
  • There may be restrictions or guidelines on file size and format
  • There may be specific requirements for metadata or data description. 

If you are thinking of publishing in a data journal, plan for this early in your project so that the requirements can be easily met.