Research requires the collection of thousands of pieces of data, produced in multiple forms, and collected and stored over years. That collection needs to be secure and accessible at every stage of the research process. It is never too late or too early to address most aspects of research data management. However, it is best to plan for data management before starting your project to avoid problems later. Data at UQ has valuable guidance on your responsibilities and data.

Before you start gives an overview of what you need to consider for managing your research data, even before starting your project. 

  • During research has the next steps for storing, securing and analysing your research data during the project
  • Ongoing looks at sharing and re-using your research data once your project is completed

5. Indigenous knowledge, data and ethics

UQ researchers should pursue ethical and responsible research that contributes to cultural, social, environmental and economic benefits for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities, and ensures their rights to sovereignty over their data. Appropriate research data management of Indigenous knowledge and data is important to achieve these goals. AIATSIS publishes the Code of Ethics for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research. A good resource for guidance is the ARDC's Indigenous Data website.

The CARE Principles for Indigenous data governance are supported by UQ. Researchers should take steps to apply the principles to ensure:

  • data delivers collective benefit, value generation, inclusiveness, insight, equity and well-being
  • steps are taken so communities have input, authority to control and access any data, and ensure ethical reuse
  • responsibility to engage respectfully with communities and demonstrate delivery of benefits accruing to Indigenous peoples
  • Indigenous people’s ethics inform data collection and governance at every stage, to minimize harm and respect Indigenous self determination.

Next steps

During research covers storing, securing and analysing research data during your project