How to access Department of Social Services and Australian Bureau of Statistics datasets as a UQ Researcher.

1. Department of Social Services (DSS) datasets

Submit a data request online to apply for access to DSS datasets, including:

  • Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA)
  • Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC)
  • Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children (LSIC)
  • Building a New Life in Australia (BNLA)

Costs apply for restricted releases. Once access is granted you can download the dataset to your secure computing environment.

Visit the National Centre for Longitudinal Data website for more information about the datasets.

Access via the Library will expire at your completion date

From September 2018, the DSS manages access to these datasets. The Library no longer accepts new data requests or extensions to existing access.

We will contact you as your completion date approaches and request that you relinquish access to these datasets as per the Rights and responsibilities of authorised users (PDF, 64 KB). You must also relinquish access to the datasets if you leave the University before your completion date.

Apply online to request new access to these datasets from the DSS.


Karen Platz

Karen Platz

Personal Assistant to the University Librarian

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2. Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) datasets

ABS microdata is available with varying levels of detail, including:

  • TableBuilder
  • Basic confidentialised unit record files (CURFs)
  • Expanded CURFs in the Remote Access Data Lab (RADL)
  • Detailed microdata and expanded CURFs in DataLab

Apply for access

Before you apply

Review the level of detail you require:

  • TableBuilder is usually sufficient for undergraduate students. CURFs may be too detailed.
  • The DataLab (for Detailed microdata and expanded CURFs) is a system of last resort. It is unlikely you require this option. 

Contact the Data Manager if you need assistance.

Apply for access using the ABS website. Register using your UQ email address.

For students: both you and your supervisor must apply for access to the same data.

Access microdata

Log in with your ABS account to access or download the data. 

Relinquish access

You must relinquish access to the data when it is no longer required, or if you are leaving the University.

Contact the Data Manager to notify us if your circumstances change, or to return a CD if you've been issued one in the past.


Microdata frequently asked questions.

Lars Eriksson

Primary contact officer

+ 61 7 3346 4630

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