When you locate an item in UQ Library Search you will be given the following information:

  • Location - the library and area where the item is held
  • Call number - where you will find the item on the shelf
  • Status - if the book is available, on the hold shelf or, out on loan with a due date
  • Format - physical or electronic access

Get the item

  1. Ensure the item is available. If there is an electronic version you can access it online
  2. Note the Library location and area in which your item is held, which may include:
    • high use
    • reference
    • journal
    • quartos
    • folios
    • holdshelf
    • BDM (book dispensing machine)
    • multimedia
  3. Use the letters and numbers in the call number to find the shelf location. Follow the signs on the shelves.
  4. Identify the item by the call number label on the spine of the book

Finding a book on the shelf:

Ask our friendly staff if you're having trouble finding an item.

Items not on the shelf

In general, material not on the shelves is already on loan. If the UQ Library Search indicates that the item is available and you are unable to find it on the shelves: 

  1. Check that you have the correct location and call number
  2. Check the sorting shelves
  3. Ask Library staff for help

Item on loan? Request the item/place a hold.

Finding related items

Browse the shelves around the item for more materials on your chosen subject.

Note: this may not be all the items the library holds on this subject as other materials may be available online or shelved elsewhere.