Contacts on this page:

Caroline Williams, University Librarian

Office: Level 6, Duhig Building, The University of Queensland.

Karen Platz, Personal Assistant

  • Personal assistant to the University Librarian
  • Fieldwork Student Placements — Librarian/Library Technician
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Anna Lagos, Associate Director

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Change and Staff Development

  • Training and Development 
  • Coaching and advice on career planning

Leah Summers, Senior Manager

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  • Advice and training on the impact of copyright and related matters on teaching, learning, research and publication, including evolving open access publishing models
  • Liaison with Universities Australia on copyright matters
  • Handling of regular CAL royalty claims
  • Preparation of submissions and advice on current legislative and reform proposals

James Lewandowski-Cox, UQ Copyright Officer

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Engagement and Communication

  • Community engagement
  • Library marketing and digital presence 
  • Communication

Tanya Ziebell, Senior Manager

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Health, Safety, Wellness and Risk management

  • Provides advice and support in compliance and risk management, and occupational health and safety (OHS) and wellness matters
  • Acts as the Health, Safety and Wellness Manager for the Library
  • Ensures compliance with relevant legislation and University policies and procedures in the areas of OHS and risk

Melinda Browning, Manager

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Strategy, Planning and Improvement

  • Provides advice on strategic development for the Library using evidence-based practice and data-driven insights
  • Service development and design with a goal of continuous improvement
  • Provides project management, business analysis, and user experience advice for the Library

Luke Gaiter, Manager

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