What is a Lecture Recording?

Teaching spaces across UQ's campuses are fitted with equipment to record lectures. All lectures taking place in equipped venues are automatically recorded based on the timetable. Recordings include audio and the screen content presented at the lecture. The rooms with recording capability include all centrally controlled teaching spaces with a capacity above 20 students. 

Note: To support students impacted by COVID-19 travel restrictions, the University has enabled automatic machine-generated transcripts for all lecture recordings in 2020. 

The lecture recording system also has classroom tools built into the system. Echo360 ALP Classroom tools allow you to participate in lecture and seminar interactive presentations and discussion. The tool also includes functionality for flagging and bookmarking content and taking personal notes that are then displayed with the recording.

Work with Lecture Recordings

Access Lecture Recordings

  • Recordings of lectures typically appear on your course’s Learn.UQ (Blackboard) site the day following the recording.
  • By default, a link named Lecture_Recordings will appear at the top of your course’s Learning Resources content area.
  • You may select an option to stream or download the entire recording, or download the accompanying audio.

Note: If your course has recorded your lectures via Zoom and made these available in your course via a weblink to the Zoom recording you may be required to sign in to your UQ Zoom account. For further information on how to sign into Zoom, refer to step 2 of the Installing Zoom guide.

What Activities are Recorded?

Only the following activities are automatically recorded, though your course coordinator may request recordings of additional activities i.e. Guest lectures

  • Only recurring activities that are specified in the timetable as lecture and contact. i.e. Not tutorials or seminars.
  • If a lecture is repeated (i.e. large classes) only the first lecture is recorded.

Your Course coordinator will ensure recordings are available to you within about 48 hours and that they remain available for the duration of the semester and exam period. For additional information refer to the Recording of Teaching at UQ Policy and Procedure.

Your faculty Dean may approve for lectures from your course to be exempt from the recording policy. In this case, the Dean's approval will be documented in your ECP (Electronic Course Profile).

Note: Students should be aware that there is an expectation that students attend lectures, tutorials and seminars for all classes in which they are enrolled. The provision of lecture recordings and other teaching materials on-line, is intended to supplement rather than substitute for regular class attendance.

Enabling Third Party Cookies

You may not be able to access your Lecture Recordings if your browser is set to block third-party cookies. Refer to the guide Enabling Third Party Cookies for instructions on how to fix this issue. It is recommended that students use the Google Chrome browser (on both PC and MAC) when accessing Lecture Recordings.

Note: If you are concerned about privacy by enabling all third-party cookies refer to the Exception to Third Party Cookies guide. 

Digital Essentials Modules

The Library has partnered with UQ students to create Digital Essentials, a series of online modules for you to quickly build your digital skills so you can succeed in study and work. View the Lecture Recordings module to learn more about lecture recordings at UQ.