Some lecture theatures enable the recording of Lectures. If so these materials can be made available by your instructor in Learn.UQ as a revision tool.

  • Recordings of lectures typically appear on your course’s Blackboard site the day following the recording.
  • By default links to recordings will appear in the course’s Learning Resources content area under in a folder named Lecture Recordings, but your course coordinator does have the option to organise this content differently.
  • You may select an option to stream or download the entire recording, or download the accompanying audio.  If streaming, the inbuilt EchoPlayer will allow configuration for dial-in or broadband connections.

Note: Students should be aware that there is an expectation that students attend lectures, tutorials and seminars for all classes in which they are enrolled. In cases where lecturers do provide recordings of lectures and other teaching materials on-line, this is intended to supplement rather than substitute for regular class attendance.