Video Guide

Learn.UQ Course Site Navigation (YouTube, 1m 33s)

Course Menu Overview

The Course Menu is the main access point to your Learn.UQ course and is standardised to ensure consistent navigation.

course menu


The Announcements page includes announcements about course administration, tutorials and assignments. It is also the default page for every course. 


Course Profile

The Course Profile page provides a link to the Electronic Course Profile (ECP).

course profile

Course Staff

The Course Staff page includes the contact details for individual lecturers and tutors, as well as reasons to contact them. 

course staff

Course Help

The Course Help page includes information about support mechanisms and resources.

course help

Learning Resources

The Learning Resources page includes presentations, resources and activities for your course. The lecture recordings link will appear at the top of the page and content will be organised into weekly or modular folders. 

learning resources


The Assessment page includes an assessment summary table at the top of the page, followed by folders for each assessment task, containing all the resources needed to complete them. 


Discussion Board

The Discussion Board page provides a link to all discussion boards in the course, where you can ask questions about assessment, discuss course content and submit answers to tutorial questions.

discussion board

My Grades

The My Grades page provides an overview of your grades for each assessment task in the course.

my grades

Library Links

The Library Links page provides links to resources, such as the course reading list and library website.

course site navigation