Lecture recordings

Teaching spaces across UQ's campuses are fitted with equipment to record lectures.

All formally timetabled lectures in recording-enabled teaching spaces will be recorded and made available to students through official University systems where this is academically and technologically feasible.

3.20.06 Recording of Teaching at UQ

Recordings include audio and the screen content presented at the lecture.

For more information see our Lecture Recordings guide.

Access recordings

  1. Click the Learning Recourses link in Learn.UQ
  2. Click on the Lecture Recordings link


Can I download to listen offline? How?

  1. Click the content icon to show a menu of options for that content.
  2. Click Download or Download original (depending on whether you will get the item as shown in the class or the originally uploaded content; if an instructor edited the content, the download may not exactly match what you see in the classroom).

Can I download the slides from the lecture?

  1. Click LIBRARY from the main menu.
  2. Find the item you want to download, then hover your mouse over it to show the menu arrow (chevron) located on the top right corner of a content tile, or on the far right side of a content row if the page is shown in list-view.
  3. Click the chevron then click Download or Download original from the options.