What is Virtual Classroom?

Zoom is a virtual classroom system that allows participants to communicate, view presentations, interact with learning resources and work in groups in an online classroom. The software can also be used to host a meeting with UQ and non-UQ people by simply sending them your meeting room URL.

Work with Zoom

    Want to test?

    If you wish to check your microphone and/or webcam works, email training@library.uq.edu.au one of our staff will be in touch to create a one-on-one Zoom meeting for testing purposes.

    Zoom etiquette

    We all have a role in creating a learning environment of mutual respect, courtesy and safety, including when using Zoom or other online teaching and learning platforms.

    This requires consideration of some basic principles:

    1. Arrive on-time when Joining the Zoom meeting, as you would to any other class.
    2. Allow your tutor sufficient time to start the Zoom meeting. They may need to troubleshoot or wait for other students to join.
    3. Test your audio and test your webcam when joining the Zoom meeting.
    4. Mute your microphone on entry to the Zoom meeting and keep it muted. 
    5. Keep your webcam off to preserve bandwidth, unless instructed to do otherwise.
    6. Raise your hand if you would like to ask a question verbally and wait until the host indicates that you can speak.  
    7. Use the in-meeting chat to ask non-verbal questions and wait until the host finds time to answer your question.
    8. In the event of poor internet connection or drop-outs, click on the Zoom link again to re-join the Zoom meeting.
    9. If you encounter any technical issues, first refer to the Zoom troubleshooting guide. Otherwise, watch the recording at a later date (if available).